SigScalr Story

Our founder Kunal Nawale spent several years at Salesforce, leading their Observability architecture. Today, organizations spend millions on logging solutions, with costs rising every year due to cloudification. Moreover, with growing log volume, log search has become exponentially less efficient. Kunal has spent several years researching a solution to this problem. Existing solutions do not tackle the problem at its core as they require a trade off between efficiency and accuracy. Such solutions require reduced log volume, reduced retention, sharding of clusters, de-duplicating, use of object-store as primary storing, etc. in order to reduce costs but this in turn increases complexity.

Armed with decades of experience, plus deep insights into observability space, Kunal has solved this problem from the ground up, leveraging first principles.

Kunal Nawale, Founder

Kunal has two decades of experience working at startups and big companies - Verivue, DataRobot, Yieldbot, Snowshore, Akamai, and Salesforce. Over this period, Kunal has developed a deep expertise in building monitoring systems. Kunal holds a Masters in Computer Science from Umass Lowell and a Bachelor's degree from the University of Pune, India. Outside of work Kunal likes to go on hikes with his wife and two daughters. He foolishly aspires to climb at least one mountain in each continent.


Gaurav Manglik

Partner @ WestWave Capital

Gaurav has been a key driver of innovation in the cloud computing industry. He co-founded CliQr Technologies and served as its CEO until it was acquired by Cisco. At Cisco, Gaurav led cloud engineering for Cisco’s cloud and container initiatives. He serves on boards of several companies.

Elizabeth Weil, John Smothers, Kevin Weil, Christen O'Brien

Partners @ Scribble Ventures

Elizabeth, John, Kevin, and Christen are operators and investors coming from Instagram, Twitter, a16z. Their past investments include SpaceX, Coinbase, Slack, Clubhouse, Carta, Figma. They have done a phenomenal job at identifying high potential early stage companies as demonstrated by their portfolio.

Luofei Deng

Managing Partner @ Forward Slash Capital

Luofei is a seed-stage investor with over a decade of experience providing support and capital to startups. He is privileged to have worked with such impactful companies as HubSpot, BigCommerce, and Sumo Logic -- to mention a few. Currently, he resides in Boston with his wife, daughter, and obscure collection of vintage electronics.



“We had been looking at the problem of log management for a while as logging tools have not scaled with cloud native software development. When we heard Kunal's pitch we immediately felt a breath of fresh air. Kunal's deep expertise and unique insights in this domain have a huge potential to disrupt the log management space. We are excited to invest in SigScalr and find Kunal's and SigScalr's efficient and elegant approach to this problem a genuine game-changer.”

Gaurav Manglik, WestWave Capital

“Solving log management at scale is a massive pain point that afflicts both large and small enterprises. It takes a depth of domain expertise and experience to innovate in this space. Kunal and his team have this in spades. They have built a novel solution that dramatically decreases the total cost of ownership while also delivering query speeds orders of magnitude faster than the competition. While competitors have built band-aid solutions to these problems, SigScalr has solved them at the core.”

John Smothers, Scribble Ventures

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