Elizabeth Weil, John Smothers, Kevin Weil, Christine O'Brien

Partners @ Scribble Ventures

Elizabeth, John, Kevin, and Christen are operators and investors coming from Instagram, Twitter, a16z. Their past investments include SpaceX, Coinbase, Slack, Clubhouse, Carta, Figma. They have done a phenomenal job at identifying high potential early stage companies as demonstrated by their portfolio.

Gaurav Manglik

Partner @ WestWave Capital

Gaurav has been a key driver of innovation in the cloud computing industry. He co-founded CliQr Technologies and served as its CEO until it was acquired by Cisco. At Cisco, Gaurav led cloud engineering for Cisco’s cloud and container initiatives. He serves on boards of several companies.

Luofei Deng

Managing Partner @ Forward Slash Capital

Luofei is a seed-stage investor with over a decade of experience providing support and capital to startups. He is privileged to have worked with such impactful companies as HubSpot, BigCommerce, and Sumo Logic -- to mention a few. Currently, he resides in Boston with his wife, daughter, and obscure collection of vintage electronics.