Unified Observability

Insights on Petabytes of Data at 100x Cost Performance


Query Language
  • PromQL
  • SQL
  • Loki LogQL
  • Splunk SPL
  • Elastic DSL
UI Compatibility
  • Grafana Dashboards/UI
  • Superset UI
  • Any SQL client/UIs

Ingest Compatibility

  • Elasticsearch Bulk
  • OTEL
  • Loki Ingestion format
  • Splunk HEC
  • Promtail Ingestion

Unified Observability

Our unified dashboard displays logs, metrics, and traces in one place, with multiple panels for a comprehensive view.

  • Peace of mind for your application’s performance
  • Avoid using multiple systems for various observability signals
  • Instant snapshot of your service in one screen
  • Reduce your MTTR

High Performance

Highly performant, future proof scale


Our innovative architecture achieves more with less. SigScalr swiftly filters through compressed data without the need for costly decompression, resulting in significant reductions in compute and storage costs.

  • Custom encodings and dynamic compressions
  • Separation of storage and compute layers
  • Usage of blobstore to drastically reduce storage costs

Interactive UI / Reduce your MTTR

  • Simple developer friendly query language for log searching.
  • PromQL query language support for metrics.
  • All queries answered within 300 ms.
  • Makes debugging a breeze.

Simple Architecture
No 3rd party dependency

Our single binary reduces operational burden by minimizing components and increasing reliability. This streamlined approach simplifies deployment and maintenance, letting you focus on your business objectives.

Easy to Get-Started

Our platform is easily deployable, with a 2-minute process for an on-premise deployment and a 1-click process for SaaS deployment. Get started quickly and efficiently without any hassle.

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