Why Unified Observability ?

Traditional observability solutions often require different vendors for logs, metrics, and traces, leading to significant time costs. The different UIs and query syntaxes increase the time it takes to debug issues, thereby increasing your MTTR and costing your business.

With SigScalr's unified observability solution, you get a single database to store logs, metrics, and traces. This allows for a single UI to view all three types of signals, reducing your switching costs and providing a quick snapshot of your service.

  • Peace of mind for your application’s performance
  • Single, Interactive UI for all telemetry types
  • Avoid using multiple systems for observability
  • Reduce your MTTR by having all telemetry data easily accessible


SigScalr supports various types of ingestion methods across signal types to seamlessly integrate with existing pipelines.

  • Supports OTEL.
  • API compatible with Elasticsearch
  • API compatible with Splunk HEC
  • API compatible with InfluxDB
  • API compatible with Jaeger

Get started ingesting data to SigScalr using Vector, FluentD, FluentBit, or S3 and SQS.


SigScalr's UI allows for seamless switching between logs, metrics, and traces. Our unified dashboard enables the addition of panels for all three signal types in a single view.

  • Quick snapshot of your service in one screen
  • Developer-friendly pipe-based search language
  • PromQL and ElasticSearch query language support

Easy Transition

  • Existing Grafana/Kibana dashboard continue to work