Distributed tracing can be a valuable tool for identifying bottlenecks and errors in your application. Tracing with its detailed contextual information, enables you to query specific services and get a better understanding of what's happening within your system. However, because this data is extremely high cardinality, traditional tracing stores may not be able to handle all of the trace data. To manage this challenge, customers resort to techniques like head-based, tail-based, or dynamic sampling. This however reduces visibility in your application.

SigScalr offers a unique approach to trace storage that enables customers to increase their sampling rates far beyond the typical 0.1%.

  • Unparalleled visibility into your applications, enabling deeper insights into your performance.
  • Unlimited cardinality support allows you to send unlimited trace data
  • Single node can handle up to 40 TB/day of trace data
  • Cluster of 35 nodes for up to 1 PB/day of trace data
  • Eliminating the need for thousands of nodes.
  • Patent-pending Agile aggregation algorithm answers queries in under 300 ms