Logs are a critical component of your observability tools, containing high-cardinality data. However, traditional log management solutions struggle to handle this type of data due to slow ingestion and query speeds, as well as the use of outdated indexing and management techniques. This can lead to significant pressure on your ingestion compute resources and increased infrastructure costs.

SigScalr's innovative approach to log data storage eliminates the need for indexing or shard management, significantly reducing ingestion compute resources and infrastructure costs.

  • Purpose built columnar database, helps you reduce storage requirements
  • Dynamic compression algorithms, helps with any type of data
  • Dynamic columnar micro indices take up less than 1% of storage space
  • Just-in-time aggregation algorithm enables aggregation queries to run under 300 ms

Our performance has been compared to the industry's best solutions in this space, and we invite you to check out our blogs for more information.